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My Favorite Sewing Tips

  • Stabilize all fabric with brown craft paper, brown paper bags, butcher paper or unprinted newspaper to ensure the fabric will not slip, distort or move during cutting. ~ Coni Crawford
  • To enable better movement and mobility of your sleeve, add a cut-on gusset (large bust does not mean a large arm hole) ~ Lynda Maynard
  • For a nice clean neck edge, sew 2 to 3 rows of stitching ~ Louise Cutting
  • To achieve a better collar, cut the under collar on the bias ~ Louise Cutting
  • Clipping on the diagonal ~ Louise Cutting
  • For button placement, using a tape measure, measure down from the shoulder over the apex for the first button.  Then place remaining buttons as desired ~ Louise Cutting
  • Rayon fabric shrinks 3 inches per yard ~ Louise Cutting
  • Three step process for sewing in a sleeve: ~ Louise Cutting
    • Pin and sew sleeve to body of garment between the notches with sleeve on the bottom (closest to the feeddogs) stopping about 2 inches from the underarm at each end
    • Then sew sleeve from wrist to underarm stopping about 2 inches from edge
    • Then sew the remaining 4 inches ( will resemble a 'U' shape)
  • Use a cording foot as a zipper foot ~ Coni Crawford
  • Use interfacing to blind hem pants ~ Pamela Leggett
  • Use Fray Check on button holes prior to cutting open ~ Pamela Leggett
  • When altering patterns, be sure to check for 90 degree angles
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